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Monday, June 7, 2010

Maximum City!

I was thinking of calling this post ‘Leaving on a jet plane’ but then, you people already know that I don’t believe in using clichés, right? I mean, one does need to use some imagination, sometimes!

Anyhow, after another prolonged absence, I’d like to tell you guys that I’m leaving to Mumbai tomorrow, for my first post-MBA job at RPG Enterprises, and well I’m EXCITED!!:D

It will be first trip to Mumbai in nearly 15 years, and this time it will be a trip that lasts many months. The Mumbai wishlist goes like:

a) Do well at work

b) Visit some/all of the awesome places in and around the city

c) Explore a bit of Madh Island. (That might be scary though, coz most of the dead bodies found in C.I.D. by ACP Pradyuman and Co. are found there. )

Of course, if anyone can make me waterproof so that I can bear the Mumbai monsoon, I’ll be glad. And yes, a jetpack to commute, instead of the Mumbai locals would be much appreciated.

Santa, are you listening? All my 831 FB friends, are you? All the zillions of bloggy admirers, are you?

P.S. For the uninitiated, ‘Maximum City’ is the title of a superbly fantastic book about Mumbai by Suketu Mehta. If you haven’t done so already, I strongly suggest reading it.