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Monday, February 16, 2009

Travails of a Traveller - Part II

The travails continue from

8.00 am - We finally leave, thanks to the girls who kept us waiting. The two vehicles, a Scorpio and a Qualis, are filled with us, and our luggage. Oh boy, we're excited! 

And it is a pleasing thought to breathe the air outside XL, after so long.

Thankfully, both cars have high-end CD players for our
entertainment. So, we plug in our pen-drives, and 'sing' along.

I promptly garner the front seat of the Scorpio, to stretch my ample frame in the comfort of a bucket seat. Ah... sun 'n' sand....

10.00 am - The lack of sleep is starting to get to me. The other folks seem to think of me as the in-house DJ, and just as I slip into the mildest of slumber, someone or the other yells at me to
 change the music, increase the volume, reduce the volume etc. Aargh!!!

1.00 pm - We stop for lunch at a place very optimistically named as 'Hotel Grand'. Rather shabby-looking place, with limited food offerings, and long wait times. And of course, a very grumpy waiter, who seems to think he's doing us all a personal favour by feeding us. You don't believe me, eh? Then see the picture for yourself, and absorb the grandeur. 

Some of the adventurous folks try the 'lassi' on offer, but I ditch it, in favour of a Thums Up. (It turned out to be a rare, smart move from me on this trip. )

1.30 pm - Time to grace the other vehicle - the Qualis with my benign presence. I cajole
 Bhaskar into trading seats with me, and plonk myself into the comfortable rear seat of the Qualis. 

2.30 pm - Er, did I say 'comfortable seat'? I realise the gravity of my error. A bone-jarring, nerve-numbing, posterior-unfriendly ride is what I seem to have conned myself into. Heck!! And the 
driver seems to have a personal vendetta against me! It's a dirt road, and he's leaving 'no stone unturned'... literally!!!

3.00 pm - Lord Murphy (of Murphy's Law fame) seems to be following me around. Our Qualis has a flat tyre. (Yeah, I know I need to trim down some flab, but I assure you, it wasn't because of me!!) Anyway, the tyre is fixed, and we're on our way again. Tra la la..

3.45 pm - Once again, Lord Murphy has the last laugh (or so it seems for now).
Another flat tyre for the Qualis (not me, again!!). I'm almost glad to be out of that damned car but then, we're still 9 km away from our destination - the beautiful waterfall. We walk around the jungle, click a few pics, and then reconcile ourself to our fate. Consequently, we bundle up the girls into the other vehicle, along with Arun (as their protector) and Amitabh (purely because he's the only one of the guys who'd fit in) and the two busted tyres.

These folks are supposed to go on to the waterfall, send the Scorpio back to get the tyres fixed, and then get us picked up. Simple!

Meanwhile, we decide to walk... expecting to meet the Scorpio mid-way to the waterfall.


Aarbee said...

The photos look fab. Wish I could view enlarged versions of the same too.

Love your crisp way of writing.

And Murphy loves you, innit? :)

Eagerly awaiting the next post. Can you please make it longer? It's fun to read. :)

Sumit Singla said...

Thankee ... I shall include a photostream, probably in the next post.

Thankee again for appreciating the style.... ab agar writing ki aspiration ho... to karna padta hai naa ... ;)

Murphy.... #$@#@#@#$%%#(@#$%#

deesearch said...

good read...Chacha Murphy plagues U as well huh? :P..
Interesting read..waise I've read somewhere...that body fat can be processed and used as a bio fuel in vehicles... :D

Awaiting the next... :P

Sumit Singla said...

Dee, Chacha Murphy ki to baat mat karo :x

And if what you're saying about bio-fuels is true, then I'm the answer to India's energy needs! Yay!