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Sunday, February 15, 2009

'Travails' of a Traveller - Part I

To capitalise on a long weekend, and to get away from academic drudgery, some folks from the PMIR class of 2008-10 undertook a trip to Orissa on Feb 7 and 8. Here's a 'blow-by-blow' account of the happenings, in real-time, starting from Feb 7.

5.30 am - The last four hours have seen a period of rather frenetic activity from the rather lazy, yours truly. For, at the stroke of midnight, as the nation slept, I had my tryst with destiny. I was told by Amitabh (naah, not Mr. Bachchan, silly!) that we, a group of 12-odd folks were leaving for Simlipal at 6 in the morning.

"No, but I have work to finish," protested poor me.
"Awww, crap! Come on, I've already paid your advance," said the man in question.
I whined, "But how will the work get done?"
"I'm sure you'll manage. Moreover, we'll be back by 6 pm on Sunday. Finish it then!"
"Hmmm... but I need a minimum of 7-8 hours to finish."
"So? Spend some today, the rest on Sunday. How can you miss the beaches of Chandipur?"
" any chance, do you mean Chandipur-on-sea?"
"Of course, you DUMB ASS! How many Chandipurs have you heard of?"
"Why didn't you say so earlier, you $%#@? Screw the work, let's go!!"

And to cut a long story short,that's how the 'plan' came into being. So, poor old me has been slogging away to glory, to finish the piece of work that has been stuck like a piece of dry bread down my throat.

Most of my attention is now diverging towards the trip, and I can't help wondering if the big cats (not the 'meow' kind... it's the 'ROARRR' or 'GRRROOOWWWL' variety that I'm talking about) at Simlipal will give us a 'darshan'. Still, the idea of going to a beach after so long, is exciting as hell! Sun and sand, here I come!!

But before that, there's a bloody big load of packing to be done. Clothes, mosquito repellent, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, a towel, a torch, and trillions of other things. Ugh!

Anyway, time to quit mumbling and grumbling, and get on with the task, for we leave in 15 minutes.

Sun 'n' sand... *sigh*


Aarbee said...

Hello! Itna chhotu beginning? :|

Sauron said...

It's best to build up slowly ;)