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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spicing up life, eh?



Just wanted you guys to know that one of my posts has been selected by Blogadda for their ‘Spicy Saturday’ picks – a collection of what they deem as good writing.


I did think I was the cat’s whiskers for managing such a feat till I read some of the other selected posts. Krish Ashok’s tribute to his grandmother is a wonderful, wonderful read. Poignant, touching, and makes you salute that brave woman.

The Restless Quill expresses her views on eve-teasing molestation. And one can’t help but agree that the despicable incidents that women are subjected to everyday need to stop. And no one better than the womenfolk themselves to take charge.

And then, there’s Anuja aka The Princess, who has listed down some very commonsensical things that women expect from us guys, but never get. A real eye-opener, and a must-read for guys. (For girls too, so that they can appreciate guys like me much more. :P )


Krittika said...

Just read the post of your's which got selected... beautiful... the emotions are so perfect without being overdone... kudos! :)

Roshmi Sinha said...

Nice read... and congratulations and celebrations!!!

Corinne Rodrigues said... deserve it all. Do write more - you are missed!

Princess said...

Hey Sumit,

Thanks for linking my blog here. Also for your comments and appreciation :)

So, you think you gotta be respected, eh? Tell us why ;-)