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Monday, June 29, 2009

The Happiness of Pursuit?

Due to some circumstances of a personal nature today, I was just wondering… Which gives more pleasure, the happiness of pursuit or the pursuit of happiness?


If it sounds too cryptic, just think about whether journeys are better and more fun than destinations or not.


(I’ll explain the chain of events leading to this later sometime…)


floreta said...

ooo looks like a fun post brewing! love this subject.

i definitely think the happiness of pursuit is better.. (the journey). i have a friend who says the journey IS the destination..

anyway, basically i think without the journey, without trying, there would be no happiness to strive for. as long as there is EFFORT there is a sense of contentedness and happiness. the pursuit of happiness on the other hand, is like chasing your own tail..

Roshmi Sinha said...

Ummm... its a bit like: Which came first, the chicken or the egg? :)

Sumit said...

@Floreta... I think I agree! :)

@Roshmi... totally!

Lazy Pineapple said...

I think 'Happiness of Pursuit' is more believable. We will be forever in pursuit of Happiness. Happiness is never permanenet.

Me said... in the pursuit..
in the unknown when it's undecided an ongoing u keep trying..going on..relentlessly..
it's a roller coaster ..
once the destination is reached..the bubble bursts..
into million droplets of outcome..
n then it stops existing anymore..

Sumit said...

@Vinita... I agree :)

@Dee... great thoughts. Thanks! :)

Shreyans Mehta said...

Happiness is a state of mind. And the only way to attain and sustain that state of mind is to acknowledge each and every moment that it is a state of mind and is in our own control rather than anybody else's.

And then be it the journey or the destination, nothing can shake the happiness within. Life is a continuous process and thus a journey. I would prefer it being a journey full of happiness, independent of the intermediate destinations. It is a happy pursuit of more happiness and even more happiness. It is bliss if we want it to be :)

Kiran said...

Man, thats a very short post but its DEEP ... and frankly, I cant even figure out which is which .. forget about answering the question of which gives more pleasure.

Sumit, you have left one guy baffled and you've given him sleepless nights :)