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Monday, June 29, 2009

Love Fool…


Into little pieces, with heart broken,

and eyes shedding tears, and red,

I prayed to God for you,

and told him how I bled.


He asked me to make a wish,

and he’d make it come true,

I’m a hopeless fool in love,

and told him I wished for you…


(Image courtesy: Topnews)


Dazediva said...

aren't we all hopeless fools at some point or the other ??

Anonymous said...


I want your God too. Mine doesn't grant any wishes & I suspect is a lil' bit of a sadist! (sigh)

Me said...
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Me said...

i never bent
i never cried,
but today i feel,
inside of me died.

what's the point
I always wonder..
do i fight the cause
or for it..surrender.?

Roshmi Sinha said...

I hope... you're not a cauliflower!!!

You have been tagged! Check out my latest post: "I have been tagged. Now its your turn... !!!"... for further details.

numerounity said...

Good one…let us know when god says- Amen

numerounity said...

Good one…let us know when god says- Amen

Sumit said...

@Divya... *sigh* I guess we are. :)

@Choco... I just wished for something, but it's not been granted. Sadly enough. :(

@Dee... fight, fight, fight!!

@Roshmi... cauliflower? gobhi ka phool? Naah! And yeah, tag coming up soon.

@Numerounity... sure! I hope I hear the 'amen' soon.

Shreyans Mehta said...

When life turns its back at you
Leaving you stranded and alone
Comes there a passerby
Bringing a smile after the moan

And the one who fights all the way
Has to bear the pain
But the one who is patient like the earth
Finally feels the rain!

So be hopeful and keep smiling :)

maska said...

Short & sweet poem da..
Hmmm. 'Love' this lady has made everyone run around in circles, one time or the other..

Sumit said...

@Shreyans... thanks and best wishes for your stint at IIMC

@Ram... agreed. :)

Bunty said...

*sighs in reflection*

~Arch~ said...

Simple and poignant. Love it.

k.ø.c.h.ü said...

luvly :)he he

Anonymous said...

Really liked this post..and the title too!

Sumit said...

Thanks Anonymous! :)