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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Simmering Summer…

It’s been less than a week since I moved from the cool climes of Bangalore to hot, sweltering Jamshedpur. Yes, the weather is killing me. And I do miss the lilt in the Hindi accent of the people there, the numerous book shops, the awesome eateries, the brilliantly pleasant weather, and most of all – my erstwhile employers, Microsoft.


However, it has been an exciting time since I returned to campus. There’s a whole new crowd of new juniors, so we guys can enjoy being the ‘exalted’ seniors, who are fountainheads of knowledge. (hee hee)


Many facets on campus have undergone a facelift, and it’s nice to see freshly painted buildings, neatly trimmed lawns, better air-conditioning in classes, and lots of other changes (though the mess food is as bad as ever).


The best part is the junior ‘interaction’. There are 240 of them, and there’s just me with my limited processing power. How in the name of God shall I remember 240 names? And it can be doubly tough when almost all of the others know your name.


Anyhow, this term promises to be a mix of fun and learning, a mix of sweat and tears, and victories won and battles lost. (I’m just hoping that the wins exceed the losses.) Since we get to choose our own subjects this term, I’ve picked up some that I think I am interested in. They promise to be quite a mouthful.


In addition, the personal startup venture is still hanging fire, but hopefully, will take off by the end of the month. Once that happens, life should be suitably busier. Also, there are other responsibilities on campus that one needs to take care of, and they assure me of their time demands as well. :|


Overall, the summer seems to be a super-busy time but I am guessing that it will be satisfying and rewarding too.




P.S. Sorry for the drabness of this post. And thanks for reading it. :)


Roshmi Sinha said...

Hmmmm. So, you must be losing/burning extra calories... real fast! :)

"How in the name of God shall I remember 240 names? And it can be doubly tough when almost all of the others know your name."

The ability to remember names/faces is kinda the unwritten req/rule w.r.t. HR folks... esp. if you are in Talent acquisition... or plan to be in...! :)

BrownPhantom said...

If it helps : It's drizzling in bangalore and the breeze is cold enough to let one enjoy a hot cup of coffee :).

bondgal_rulz said...

You say that you miss your erstwhile employers right now but you know what? Once you leave college, you'll be singing the same tune wrt your college. ;)

So go, make the most of your last year as a student (professionally). :P


Choco said...

The past is not promising silly the future is....:P
But Oh! How I love Bangalore ...Nostalgia strikes again :(

Nikita said...

lol @ the fountainheads of knowledge

yes, i've been hearing tales of the knowledge sharing :P

Sumit said...

@Roshmi... I wish I were burning. But no, I think my body structure is rapidly gaining adipose tissue. :(

You're right about the ability to remember names, though. (I think I know over 60% of them now. Yay!!)

@Prashant.... GRRR!

@Bondgal... good point. I agree with you totally. :)

@Choco... :) Bangalore... *sigh*

@Nikita... I've started believing that I suffer from severe verbal diarrhoea. :(

Btw, I can't be mean to a chap who shares my b'day. So, Nik shall not face the brunt of my bullying.

Dazediva said...

If it makes you feel any better - Bombay is sweltering hot as well .. it's so bad that if you try to take a 5 minute walk - not only do you come out with a TAN but with a drenched t-shirt too :(

College / Uni days are some of the best you'll ever come across ... enjoy each moment 'cos once you're out of that campus - you are gonna miss it like crazy !

Roshmi Sinha said...

Ha! Ha! Ha!

btw... you have received an award. Check out my latest post, to know more about it... :)

Great, that you are able to remember over 60% of the names now... soon it will be 100%

People have a habit of writing in or calling up the (poor) HR folks... and expect the concerned HR person to immediately put a face to the voice or the mail... !

Scriber's Web said...

Not drab at all! I found it very interesting.

A journey called Life said...

nope- not drab one bit.. all the best for bz times ahead

Nikita said...

oh dammit...n i thot he'll finally get his due :P

Anamika. said...

Good luck dealing with the juniors. =)

Good post! :)

Blue said...

good luck

Tangerine said...

Summer is definitely simmering... ah! how I wait for winter.

Have a good interaction with ur juniors! Dun worry even if u dnt rem all thr names u wil improvise!

Tiger said...

all feel the same once they go out of bglr.. too cool a place to miss.

Megha said...

Change is difficult and then one tends it difficult to adjust to new city, you tend to compare your old city with the new. :)
Anyways the monsoon has arrived. So no worry.