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Monday, October 5, 2009

Creativity – Can one learn it?

It’s an interesting debate. Could one teach a dork like me to paint like Picasso or sculpt like Rodin? With some training for hours, days, weeks, or years, could I be made capable of inventing something even remotely as revolutionary as an iPod?

Some would agree and some would disagree. I wouldn’t do either. That’s not because I’m a fence sitter, but because I don’t think I even know the definition of creativity. Something that’s creative and new for me, could simply be routine, mundane work for another person. Also, something that’s supposedly creative to another person may appear to be totally useless to me. For example, we have had cases of numerous people who have had to eat their words about the uselessness of ‘creative’ objects.

Television, cars, airplanes, and even overnight delivery suggested by the originator of Fedex met with universal scorn to begin with. So, do I have the right to deride a ‘creative’ pursuit today, when it may become the next big thing tomorrow? I don’t think so.

In fact, I guess I’d define creativity simply as a new idea that strikes me – irrespective of its utility or monetary worth. It’s probably a personal definition, if you ask me. Not an organizational or dictionary definition at all. Call it a creative definition, if you will. :P

What say you folks? What exactly is creativity to you? Do you think one can teach it in classrooms?


Freya said...

Creativity and talent is like DNA. It differs from person to person. I believe that everyone is equally talented. Many discover it, few develop it and a selected few excel in it.

As for a learning an art, why not? Anyone can, in fact. You just need inspiration.

But no one can "learn" to be like others they admire. Because original is original. You can only study and Studying is not Learning.

A journey called Life said...

creativity to a large extent is born out of an inherent talent. that talent when honed and nourished can manifest itself in some awesome productions.. for eg.. the way u write... and i say this with no amt of exaggeration, in my opinion u have an amazing writing style, your creativity in this form is so evident.. its also something thatz unique to u and hence cant be taught or learnt to produce a similar effect..

Aarbee said...

I do agree with you, but having gone through two semesters of creative planning, I do think that one can be guided on how to use their creative thoughts.

Hope said...

I think creativity is a two-step process. First is the innovation part and second is the development.
Innovative are the ideas which are the seedlings to a new product, something unique, something not thought before.
But to bring the idea into shape, to actually 'create', you need to know the tools. These tools are what you need to learn from classes.
e.g. You may be a very creative writer, with unique storylines. Best-Selling novelish ideas. But, to put them into action, you need to learn the writing skills. So, you need to go to classes to learn the tools to shape your idea into reality.
That's how creativity meets learning.

Sumit said...

@Freya... that's a nice viewpoint and pretty much syncs with what I think.

@Aparna... thanks for the compliment. :D Maybe it's a slow process, and one can't churn out a Rushdie overnight, but I do think over time it can be done.

@aarbee... a similar course brought up these thoughts in my mind. :D

@Swati... agreed! :)

Scriber's Web said...

In my humble opinion, creativity is something everyone is born with. So more than others. Some explore it and some don't. But expressing any form of creativity also requires some skill set. You can develop it. It just takes time and practice.

Roshmi Sinha said...

They say: Some are born great, some achieve greatness while some have greatness thrust upon them. To which I'll also like to add: on some high office paradrops!

But, creativity is that difficult to define quality... that one has to be born with. Either one has it or one does not. Period!

Happybirdie said...

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Megha said...

For me creativity is attitude. For example someone non-cook starts cooking. Many does. But experimenting with ingredients to come up with new recipes is definitely creativity, which doesn't require you to born with the quality (but off course the output of the experiment should be eatable :D )

Grayquill said...

Creativity = to create - ooops - it's wrong to use a word to define its self. The scripture says we are created in God's image. It seems when people are doing some form of creativity that is when they fill fulfilled, energized, and alive. I believe every person has strengths where their creativity reaps the biggest gain or reward. Like for me to try to be an artist is just dumb but for me to work at problem solving I can be quite good at it. – Oh, I guess to work at humility would be a waste also.

Kaddu said...

In classrooms...??? I guess they can teach how to harness your creativity... for each one of us is creative... in some form or the other... most of us just don't realize it...