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Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Naah, this is not a reflection of my current state of mind. Or may be it is. Though, the broad idea here is to talk about a variety of recent happenings in life. (After all, as your bloggy friend, it is my duty to bore you to death with sordid tales of what has been happening in the last month.)

a) Some of the courses in this term are fantastic. We have a course on managing creativity (the reason for my last post), one on strategic HR management (my favourite subject) and another one on personal effectiveness and leadership. The last one throws up some interesting ideas, though I must admit that I find self-help books rather insufferable.

b) I’ve been doing some reading (and not just the academic kind). There’s this compilation of tales from Kerala, called ‘Where the rain is born’. It’s a nice compilation by Anita Nair, with stories by the likes of Dr. Shashi Tharoor.

c) I actually managed to watch a few movies too! Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen was the only one of note though. Despite critics panning the movie big time, the fact that it had killer special-effects and a Linkin Park single at the end, made it worthwhile. (Perhaps, the presence of a certain Ms. Megan Fox also had something to do with it.)

d) I want to stamp on my phone and break it. It rings far too often!

e) Surprisingly, by prioritizing my tasks better, I’ve been able to spend more time with friends, even though my overall schedule has become much busier. (The next couple of months are going to be tough, with me almost underground, so I’m doing all the catching up I possibly can.)

f) I think I’ll be docked grade points in at least 2-3 subjects. Gah, 9 am classes – I hate them!! I’ll never make the attendance requirement, at this rate.

g) I’ll possibly be the first person in Jamshedpur to own a licensed version of Windows 7. The DVD is in the mail. Yippee!!

h) I had my Microsoft job interview – the first round, last week. I think I did a decent job, though some questions could/should have been handled better, and not like a moronic half-wit on LSD. (*fingers crossed, and toes too*)

i) I’m supposed to read this self-help book called ‘Happier’ as a course requirement. I absolutely detest the book, and somehow it seems to be mocking me for this, as it lies in its resplendent yellow colour on my book rack.

j) I have 102 followers. Wow! I’m glad so many people have good taste in what they read. ;)

In case you expected some common thread, some line of thought in this post, too bad! The only thing common to all the above points is that there is nothing common. I hope you enjoyed reading. Tee hee!! :D


A journey called Life said...

good list.. din bore a bit.. all the best for the interview and for all the hectic months ahead.. take care

Lazy Pineapple said...

Great to know your doing well despite the pressures. Keep your chin up and all the best for the interview results :)

Smita said...

lol! at the last one!!!

And BTW why stamp on your phone? Put it on silent mode :D

Scriber's Web said...

Good luck with the job interview! I am interested in hearing more about creativity. I just recently started exploring my creative side and it has been fun for me.

I like posts where you talk about what is going on in your life:)

Sumit said...

@Aparna... thanks! Btw, your blog doesn't open on my computer any more. :( All I see is the header followed by a blank screen.

@Vinita... thanks! :)

@Smita... I hate the buzzing of the phone in vibrate mode even more. :P

@Scriber... thanks for the wishes and yeah, I'll keep talking more about creativity. Also, will try to keep writing about what's up in life more often.

Nikita said...

i was abt to write lol @ the last one...but smita already wrote it. i still did laugh though!

i detest self-help books too!

Tangerine said...

Good luck with microsoft..!!!u will get it!

btw, is it to early to forward u my resume ;)

Rajlakshmi said...

That was a nice insight into ur life
i just loved transformers.. The special effects did steal the show..
Self help books! Gosh avoid them like plague..
Happy readin though tee hee :)

Bunty said...

self help pmir!

btw jesurajan hz asked us to review a book each...i have to review something called "geeks and geezers : hw era, values and defining moments shape leaders"!!!

mutual empathy i believe!

Roshmi Sinha said...

Congrats... on crossing the "century"! Collars up! :D

"I want to stamp on my phone and break it. It rings far too often!"

Please don't! Instead, do some quick course in "anger management" or even "yoga" ;)

'Coz if you are an HR professional... esp. in Talent Acquisition... your phone/cell will ring. It will even give a major complex to any and every PCO booth you can think off! ;) :D

Sumit said...

@Nikita... :)

@Tang... VERY early to forward any resumes... thanks for the wishes though. :)

@Rajlakshmi... I loved the Transformers. :D And thanks for hating self-help books. :P

@Varun... this is called 'poetic justice' - btw, do lend me that book sometime, I've been hunting for it.

@Roshmi... yeah, I could do with a bit of 'Gooz Fraaba' ala Adam Sandler in 'Anger Management'. Btw, I'm pretty certain I don't want a job in staffing/recruitment. (And certainly not one as low as where I have to answer my phone myself. :P )

Grayquill said...

Your class on personal effectiveness and leadership seems to be yielding a reward - E:Prioritizing tasks...
Good luck in those studies.

pooja said...

hey..after long visiting ur space..
good 1 ..makes me remember and miss the college days ..believe me the 9 am classes are much better than the 9 am office ...:P..njoy till it lasts

Sumit said...

@Grayquill... Sadly, I doze off a lot in that particular class, and well I can't bring myself to agree with some of the things that the prof says.

@Pooja... agreed! I've been through the 9 am office rigmarole too and 9 am classes are better anyday. (Especially, if one can doze off and not get caught.)