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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Going Camping... Part II

After having built up the suspense about live frogs and scorpions in Part I the blogger is back with photographic evidence of the adventures. Unfortunately, all those creatures refused to pose, so we didn’t click them, fearing their retribution, if they were to be displeased.


However, to compensate for the lack of fauna, we clicked a lot of flora (who had no choice :P ) and some humans (who also didn’t have much of a choice when they were being clicked).






We’ll start with introducing the humble abodes of the participants - ‘tents’ which were more like cottages, with thatched roofs, metal cots, attached baths, and electric lights.


Of course, everything was among sylvan surroundings with no traffic, no pollution, no cellphones/laptops, and perfect tranquillity all around.









It was nice to be in such simple surroundings, though I’ve always considered myself a city hick who can’t survive without a phone and an internet connection. Surprisingly, I adjusted pretty well. Though, being akin to a hyperactive kid, I find it tough to sit still for more than 60 seconds. Hence, it is a rare shot of me when not dozing off during the session. (No offence to the facilitators, who were awesome. It’s just me… I am what I am! :D )








I was super-excited to learn that I’d be staying in an ‘Alpine’ tent though I had not the faintest clue about what an Alpine tent is, or does. So, I was almost like a kid who has seen his new toy, when I was shown my tent. Obviously, it rocked more than those other ‘tents’. HMPH! (By the way, I realised that a tent is larger from the inside, than it appears from the outside.)


There, in the backdrop is MY tent. A much more peaceful and beautiful location, I assure you except that at night, I just felt glad at not having brought a horror novel along. :P (However, I did consider returning to the location alone, and staying for a week or so, in the hope of writing a horror story. Haha!)





At night, we had a little party with a bit of alcohol for those who partake of it, and soft drinks for those who don’t. The funny part is me wearing a ‘Carlsberg’ jersey and posing with a can of Thums Up.


(For those who’re wondering, NO that’s not the HR dress code. Maybe, it’s just that people tend to see ‘Red’ when they think of HR. )


Now, comes the tricky part. The photo that follows has been given some ‘interesting’ captions by a creative bunch of creeps that I call friends. As long as you don’t laugh or grin, you’re allowed to proceed further. (Smiling is allowed, of course. Who did you think I was? Hitler? Stalin? Castro? Ha!)





Some of the captions that have been suggested for this picture (not in any order of preference) are:

a) Stairway to heaven

b) Mujhe pata tha ladka bahut upar tak jaayega! (Loosely translated as, “I always knew that this guy will scale lots of heights in life.”)

c) Moving up the corporate ladder


I needn’t say that you are free to unleash your creativity and suggest more such.









Well, the really uncomplimentary ones were reserved for the next photo. However, I’m still including it, because I’d like you to focus on something. (I’ll let you know what… ;) )


Comment: “This is how and why wireless technology was invented. Some idiot sent Sumit up on wires!”


Anyway, the reason why I’m asking to you take a look at the pic is… Check out the biceps! :D


So, like you saw, the trip was fun! There are lots of pictures, but most of them have not been shared by the lazy ones responsible for sharing them. As and when they arrive, they will be shared. (Of course, you’re expected to keep your wisecracks to yourself.)


Kaddu said...

How do u tilt those photos in the post? And get the shadow under them?

That search bar on the top right - does that search within ur blog or on Google? How can I get one on my blog?

I would like to do that rope-walking stunt too... how did it feel though? Was it scary? Was it verrrrrryyyyyy difficult?

The plc looks really beautiful! I'm still jealous! :-( I call myself "insanity personified" btw!

Aquarius said...

Hey Thanks for posting the pics :) looks like a lovely place. I am sure that rope walking must be fun and scary at the same time. I would like to try going Bungee jumping.
I have the same q as Kaddu about the photos...Please let us know ur secret :)

Sumit said...

Oh, there's no secret really. I don't type out my posts in blogger. I use Microsoft's Live Writer. And it has an add-on plugin that gives a 'polaroid' effect (which I use).

The search box was there in my template's code. I'll snip out the relevant code, and post it.

Well, rope-walking was fun! I don't really have a morbid dread of heights, so I was ok. Moreover, you're so busy climbing and then trying to balance youself that you hardly notice. :)

Kadambari said...
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Kadambari said...

Whoa! I find rope walking extremely scary.. Not like I've tried it, it looks terrifying enough! :)

Kokonad said...

Wow! This looks like fun! Summer's somewhat here finally in this part of the world and I am really looking forward to all the camping and hiking and rafting! :)
BTW, if you EVER get a chance to go skydiving, DO NOT walk away. It's SO worth it.
Thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting! And now I am blogrolling you!

Sumit said...

Kaddu... it's fun really... do try it with your eyes shut. :P

Kokonad, thanks! I'd love to try skydiving. :) And thanks for blogrolling me.

Btw, I guess any adventure that does not involve water doesn't really scare me. :D

Corinne Rodrigues said...

Seems like you had a great time - nice to see so many photographs of you!

PS: And Live Writer certainly produces great pic effects!

Sumit said...

Oh yes, Corinne! I've never had an experience that has provided me such learning and such fun together. :)

I agree about Live Writer.

Kaddu said...

Never heard of Live Writer before. Is it easier to use than Photoshop? Is it available for free somewhere? It must be... I'll need to chk the torrent sites... u can find practically everything there... except perhaps a spouse! He he! LOL! Never mind! :-D

Sumit said...

Kaddu, Writer is very user-friendly. It is like having MS-Word for blogging. You can download that and other tools from the Live gallery at

The Novelista Barista said...

awesome pictures!!!!!

Sumit said...

Thanks Novelista! :D It was an awesome place, and I just wish I'd taken my own camera too.