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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

If tomorrow never comes…

Throughout the day, I kept wondering why the day was passing by so uneventfully. I went through the usual rigmarole of work, coffee breaks, more work, lunch, chit-chat with friends, still more work, and then deciding that it was time to leave.


However, the rain gods evidently had other plans. I had to step back inside because it wasn’t pouring cats and dogs, but probably dinosaurs (of the brontosaurus variety, of course). I stepped back in, cursed the weather fluently, spoke to my mom for a few minutes till the balance in my phone ran out, and then was called by a friend who wanted some advice on which Pink Floyd DVD compilation to buy for her boyfriend.


And since the last few gifts that I sent to people of the opposite gender were rather well-appreciated (big grin), I think I’ve become a ‘gifting consultant’. Actually, one just needs a bit of common sense and a bit of thoughtfulness to decide on a gift, but these two qualities together are present in not more than 0.001% of the population. (This is not self-praise; I’m presenting hard, cold facts here.)


Eventually, by the time me and the other interns finished dinner, the rain gods relented, and turned off the faucet. So, all I had to do was step through puddles, acrobatically avoid getting splashed by speeding vehicles inside the campus, and reach the main road to take a bus.


Near the main road is where someone up there realised that I had been inwardly complaining about an uneventful day, smirked to himself/herself (I’m not a sexist, not even when it comes to visualising God) and probably uttered some magic words.


I was half-way across the road, when this Tata Sumo suddenly decided to speed up, or maybe my judgment of its distance/speed was faulty. And I literally became an (oversized) deer caught in the headlights. In the split second that it took me to almost dive to safety, time seemed to pass infinitely slow, and ultimately, I escaped by a millimetre or two. (You, Mr/Miss Reader, must’ve done some really good deeds, to be blessed with the opportunity of reading another post by me. If you had done one good deed less, maybe I’d have been playing the harp with a halo around my head up there, or poking people with pitchforks and roasting them on fires. )


Anyway, I was deep in thought and rather subdued as I came back home because I was thinking a few things. I guess there are so many things one takes for granted in life, which should not be done, of course.


So, if you want to take that vacation, or visit that new restaurant in town, or try that new hairstyle, or tell that girl/guy that you love her, do it today! Tomorrow may be too late. Since I got home, some lines from a song have been running over and over in my mind:



If tomorrow never comes
Will she know how much I loved her
Did I try in every way to show her every day
That she's my only one
And if my time on earth were through
And she must face the world without me
Is the love I gave her in the past
Gonna be enough to last
If tomorrow never comes






P.S. Tell all the people who you appreciate, that you do. Tell your folks how much you love them. Tell that cute girl/guy that you adore them. Tell your blogger friends how much you enjoy reading their blog. (Me! Me! Me!)


Scriber's Web said...

Wow. That sounds really scary! I am so happy to hear that you are OK. You are my favorite Indian blogger:)

And who is this "she"? Did you tell her that you are crazy about her? Keep us posted!


Kadambari said...

That was quite a post. Glad you're ok! And yea, who knows about tomorrow. Spend life the best!

Btw, gifting consultant?! Hey, pass on your id/ number so we could get ideas! :D

Sumit said...

@Scriber, it was rather unnerving, and I'm glad I managed to escape without any significant damage.

I'm proud to be your fav Indian blogger. :D

The 'she' doesn't know yet, at least not explicitly. But yes, more about her soon. :)

@Kaddu, I'm glad too. :D I'll pass on my business card as soon as I'm done with defining the charges for consulting services. :D

Anonymous said...

We spoke partially about this last night. It's true we take a lot of things for granted in life. I guess it's good that every now and then, we get a reminder that we shouldn't.
Only, one would hope that the reminder is not in the form of a near-death experience.

Oh, and about the gifting experience. I'm gonna be asking you for some tips around the end of September or so.

Sumit said...

Gurdit, I agree. :)

And yeah, tips...anytime!

Nikita said...

whoopsie! arre bhai, car waale ko darana hi hai to ladki ko batane ke baad aise kaam karna. kam se kam dekh to lo woh kya bolti hai! :P

tho on a serious note, glad you're safe! commute safe :)

Kaddu said...

Wish more people can get their real priorities in life straightened out before its too late!

Very well written post dude... & I'm glad God kept u alive to narrate this little 'moral story' to us!

Btw, I really DO enjoy reading ur posts, my dear blogger friend! :)) ;)

Sumit said...

@Nikita... umeed hai ki wo haan hi bolegi... aur uske baad car waalon ko daraane ki koi zaroorat nahin :D

@Kaddu... the feeling is mutual. I love the perspectives you present through your blog. And it's always a treat to read your words.

Tangerine said...

omg! that must b one hell of an experience. thank god for ur good deeds and ours!

and abt this love angle... do tell more!

Sumit said...

Tang, thanks! Not much to tell right now, I'm waiting for more to happen on that front. ;)

Kaddu said...

Awww... u say such nice things! Thnku thnku [batting my eyelashes smiley of yahoo]!

~Arch~ said...

Does your life really flash in front of your eyes as everyone often claims when they have such a close shave?

Sumit said...

@Kaddu... that smiley is really cute! :D

@Architha... It didn't flash before my eyes, but for the next few hours, I did see glimpses of some incidents from my past.

Aquarius said...

aha romance in the bloom?? You better tell that lucky lady fast. And stop dreaming while walking on the road. Be safe.

Sumit said...

Aquarius, I wasn't dreaming, seriously!:)

I have a hunch that she already knows what I think. But of course, I will tell her still...soon. :D

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