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Friday, May 8, 2009

The week that was...

Well, I guess the rather prolific me has been not-so-prolific lately. I think that can be blamed partly on office work, partly on catching up with friends, and the rest on sheer, blatant laziness!

I'm starting to resemble a sloth bear, both in terms of shape/size and temperament. (And when I say temperament, I certainly don't mean a fondness for honey.)

This week was different, though. For the last four days, I was out of town on an official training camp, which provided lots of learning and loads of fun too. (I will be writing more about that, so hold yer horses pardner!)

But now that I'm back, I see that truckloads of work have piled up, and my workstation resembles a landfill site. Figuratively, dodo! Not literally, of course. (It's my room that resembles a landfill, but no more about that for now.)

Hence, it shall be a busy weekend, and apart from work, I need to sneak out time for:
a) a personal project
b) writing my travelogue on this blog (That rhyme was unintentional!)
c) washing clothes
d) getting a haircut
e) planning a party for the juniors
f) (re)organising my room

Loads to do, ain't it? And the sad part is that you're still reading! Tch tch.. and you call yourself a friend? Call me, email me, text me, or simply walk over. I need help...

I'm disturbed, disgusted, distressed, disgruntled, dispondent (That's deliberately misspelt to rhyme, ok?) and lots of other dis-ses! HELP!!

P.S. I can't seem to find my thesaurus. I had a dream this evening, where I dreamt that Roget had launched a chocolate bar. It did seem yummy that time, but I wonder why I'm feeling ailing, diseased, unwell, sick, nauseated, run-down, and debilitated. Any diagnosis, conclusion, interpretation, pronouncement, or prognosis?


Choco said...

Lolzz... You want help? I can try..But you have to post a snap of yours first! All that sloth bear talk has gotten me ohhh sooo curious! :D

BrownPhantom said...

Welcome back Bro.
Mundane is what life becomes many times. In that spirit: "washing clothes" caught my eye. Do u wash/have a maid/use washing machine.
Waiting for the travelogue :).

Kaddu said...

If u stay in Patna, I can come over & gv u a hand with the room (re)organizing! If not, then just your rotten luck dude! :-D Take a break... have a kit-kat! He he! :-p

Sumit said...

Choco... unfair deal! You'll be looking at the pic and rolling-on-the-floor-laughing and all I'll end up with is a room that looks unfamiliar, and where I can't find anything!

Phantom... a maid in the neighbourhood collects and delivers clothes. The travelogue should be appearing soon.

Kaddu... I appreciate the offer! I live in Jamshedpur, and am currently in Bangalore. :)

*gone to take a break...tra la la...*

Aquarius said...

hey Sumit...I will be more than glad to help you with cleaning your room but on one condition. You have to pay for my airfare from London to Bangalore hahahhaha...
Now don't crib that I did'nt offer to help out :)

Nikita said...

ever eaten too much chocolate? it duz make u sick later. hence the feeling after your thesaurus overkill that haunted ur dreams in the form of roget's chocolate bar. ha! m totaly awsum at this.

btw unlike the saintly souls who hav offered to help u clean up, i refuse to consider it cuz my own room is enough to keep me busy for a life time, thank you very much :D

Scriber's Web said...

Updating your blog should be your first priority. So chop chop! Who cares about the haircut and laundry?
Also, why do you need a thesaurus? Everything is online!
PS: Finally added you to my blogroll.