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Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Magnolias Still Bloom – Chapter IV

Author’s note: The links to older chapters are:

Chapter I

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Chapter III


Time lost meaning, and I don’t remember for how many hours, we just sat gazing at each other, before she asked, “So how old was April?”


“Eight,” I said, “I simply adored her,” in a voice choked with emotion.


She blew at the fresh tea that she had brewed, and sipped it saying, “She lived a happy life, didn’t she? Knowing that you loved her so much, and loving you back. You were at her side, as she passed into the next world. Isn’t that the way one should die, with people one loves around? I know I’d like to go that way.”


She broke into great racking sobs, and hugged me tightly. Then, embarrassed at this sudden show of emotion, she hastily wiped away her tears with the back of her hand and said, “And there you were, out in the cold, freezing your bones off! I had to come all the way to rescue you.”


I sipped at my tea, and said in my best James Bond imitation, “I live on the edge.”


She gave a small, tinkling laugh, “I bet!”


“Seriously, you know, I’m wooing a mysterious girl these days.”


She withdrew again at these words, “Listen, we can only have a platonic friendship, no more.”


“Can it be a friendship where I brew cocoa for you?


'”Why, of course!”


“Can it be a friendship where I devour you chocolate cakes every day?”


“Ahem… maybe!”


“Can it be a friendship where I get to see you naked?”


She hit me with a cushion, laughing, “No, it most certainly cannot!”


“Well then, can it be a friendship where I get to kiss you?” I said, wishing she’d say yes.


She didn’t answer, only caressing my hair, and I nuzzled her cheek, revelling in her warm embrace.


“Looks like the cold is starting to affect your mind – you’re rambling already. Let’s get you a blanket, and tuck you in.”


Leaving me there, she opened a cupboard, and brought out a fluffy Mickey Mouse blanket and a matching pillow. “Lie down,” she ordered and placed the pillow under my head. I obeyed, and watched in amusement, as she tucked me in. Leaning down, she kissed my forehead. Before leaving, she whispered in my ear, a goodnight…


… and her name.


Then, she turned out the light, and left. The girl on the bench had a name that I knew!


I fell asleep, thinking of her name.


wys said...

oh i can't wait for the next chapter! =)

Saurabh said...

@ wys

me too :)

Sumit said...

@Wys... thanks! But I can't seem to guess who you are. Kindly 'delurk' :D

@Saurabh... thanks! Neither can I. :)

Mukund said...

Interesting question answer sessionc... will keep it in mind :)...
Next post please...

Aquarius said...

grrrrrr write faster man.... :)

Scriber's Web said...

Wow. What a riveting story. Can't wait for more!

Anonymous said...

Pretty nicely done! Except, if it's set in a Western country, they drink coffee and not tea, Pepsodent is blatantly Indian, and fresh snowfall muffles footstep sounds, doesn't make them ring out. But, as they say, keep writing! :-)

Sumit said...

@Mukund.. keep it in mind for who/what? *wink*

@Aquarius... I'm trying! :P

@Scriber... thanks! I'll try writing the next chapter tonight/tomorrow.

@Anonymous... thanks for the analytical comments, and such great attention to detail. However, some points I had:

a) For every 3 pounds of coffee sold, one pound of tea sells in the US. Moreover, the health-conscious folks are switching to tea. (Though, my story doesn't refer to any particular country.)

b)Pepsodent, Indian? :O It is a Unilever brand, and is sold worldwide.

c) Good point about the snow, but then, the bench is near a path and since the world is already white, it means it has been snowing and the snow is packed tight by the feet of passers-by. (However, I could be wrong, since I've never lived in a snow-bound region.)

Thank you for such attention to detail, though. :)

Kadambari said...

Whoa! Sumit! Any plans of writing a book?! You ARE good! :)

Corinne Rodrigues said...

Hi Sumit - This is wonderful stuff - you've got a whole lot of women waiting in line to hear how it ended! ;)


Sumit said...

@Kaddu... thanks! I hope some day I will have a story long enough to tell in a book. :)

@Corinne... lol! I haven't told you about the long queue of women I had outside my door yesterday, waiting for autographs, have I? :D

A journey called Life said...

very well written, though ur story is already in part 4, it doesnt seem long winding and the story has not been 'lost' along the way.. gripping..

Kaddu said...

Still no name! :-O What r u upto dude? You are heading towards hell, u know, for putting us thru this mental torture! ;-)
P.S.- Was that 'mysterious girl' line really necessary! :-p