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Thursday, April 2, 2009


Aww come on! Don’t tell me that the joke’s on me… not one person fell for that lame joke of discontinuing blogging.


I don’t intend to leave Insanity Avenue in Bloggerville anytime in the near future. I had intended to play a prank by claiming to retire. But apparently, I’m the only one who has the IQ of a drunken monkey. :|


I still can’t believe that no one believed that stuff about me discontinuing the blog.


Well, on the positive side, it means I have some really smart friends.


But, umm… if ‘opposites’ attract, then I guess that puts me in the ‘not quite the brightest star in the galaxy’ category. :(


Comments? Thoughts? Anyone? (Pleeeeez tell me what I want to hear :D )


P.S. Kaddu and Corinne, thanks for rubbing it in! HMPH!!


Kadambari said...

Lol! Don't worry. I heard the 'opposites attract' theory is all crap. People mostly make friends with similar characteristics!

P.S. Even if the theory was true, we have a very large heart and we still like you, in spite of everything!

Sauron said...

Kaddu, yeah! Birds of a feather flock together, huh? :D

Shreyans Mehta said...

Ok... u fooled me! But it was the first post I was reading on the blog... So, considering my relative inexperience, I guess that is acceptable. But yes, the upside of things is that your friends know u real well :) Its nothing to do with the IQ part of it (I hope this is what u wanted to hear :D )

Tangerine said...

i know i m too late bt i can not just not rub it in can i?

poor sauron!

Aquarius said...

sauron....u should have made the goodbye post a little longer for it to be believable :P

Should have put a bit fo poem n all...then maybe someone would have fallen for it :)

Keep blogging!!!!

Sauron said...

@Shreyans... that was precisely what I was craving to hear. :P Thanks!

@Tang... did I ever tell you that you're mean? :|

@Aquarius... ah, no wonder they say Aquarians are visionaries (except some myopic ones like me)... I shall try and find some gullible folks next year.. :P

Tangerine said...

nopes u never said that...
hey rem my 'never gonna rite agn till i get 7 comments' episode?

Sauron said...

Oh yes, of course! How could I forget that episode? :D

Scriber's Web said...

LOL. I am a little behind on commenting and reading my favorite blogs. So sorry but I would not have bought it:)

Sauron said...

Scriber... yeah, in hindsight, it does sound like a totally lame idea.. :(