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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

You'll Never Walk Alone...

"In goes the free kick, and the shot come in, and it's INNNN! Milaaaaan have scored! A goal in 50 seconds for Milan... wouldja believe it? Paolo Maldini, the skipper! It's all gone wrong in the first minute; it's a wretched, wretched start for Liverpool."

"Liverpool could be stretched again... Shevchenko inside the penalty area... he's got Crespo for support! Shevchenko crosses, it's 2-0! Crespo, from close range, has doubled Milan’s lead… It’s Liverpool - NIL, and AC Milan - 2, and this final is over!”

“…pass there from Kaka… Carragher can’t get there…What a pass for Crespo! This could be 3-0 and 3-0 it is! What a goal that is!… and Milan now, playing football out of this world, no body can live with this!”

“…another opportunity… towards GERRRAAAAAAARDDDDD!! A goal from Steven Gerrard for Liverpool! Captain’s goal!”

“Hamann, 25 yards out, doesn’t shoot, but Smicer mighhhhhhhhhhttttttt! It’s IN!! It’s IN!! OOOOOOOHHHH, away for Vladimir Smicer!! Miracles are possible! And oh my goodness, do we have a game now!”

“Step up, Xabi Alonso, to equalise, yes, equalise for Liverpool… Alonso, MISSESSSSS!! But scores!! Mission Impossible has been accomplished for Liverpool!


“He’s saved it! The European cup is returning to England, and to Anfield! Liverpool are Champions of Europe again”

“Once a European Champion, ALWAYS a European Champion.”



Today, as the mighty Reds face another test of time, I’m tempted to harken back to that historic day in 2005, when everything was over, but 11 men wearing Red just refused to lose to a ‘superior’ team. They defied logic, the odds that were stacked heavily against them, and the fatigue that comes with a long season of football, to lift that glorious trophy.


That moment was special. Not because the match was won. But because, a team had shown enough courage to not buckle under the pressure, and simply give up. A team had fought back. Even if they’d lost, they’d still have remained Champions of Europe for me, if not the world.


Today, I’m sure they’ll put in another heart-warming performance and give it their all! I would be delighted if they win, of course. But even if the result is not in their favour, I’ll be happy as long as they can walk off the field with heads held high, and say that they gave it everything they had.


In fact, there’s a part of me that almost wishes that the match doesn’t take on the hue of that historic match versus Milan, and overshadow it. That match was, and is, very very special.


I’ve watched it hundreds of times. So much so, I even remember most of the commentary verbatim. Still, it never fails to bring tears to my eyes, and a feeling of warmth in my heart.


Walk on through the wind
Walk on through the rain
Tho' your dreams be tossed and blown
Walk on, walk on
With hope in your heart
And you'll never walk alone
You'll never walk alone


Nikita said... shuttball, haaye rabba! ;)
m suddenly inspired to beat the shit out of cognitive! hehe :D

Shreyans Mehta said...


Phoenix said...

Hmmm.. i like ur passion mate.... but even if u guys repeat that feat tonight, the trophy belongs to the Devils in Red u know! ;) All The Best anyways.... nice write up by the way.. liked it... :D

Deedz2Remember said...

Hey mate...

Posted an article on my blog. Check it out let me know what you think.

P.S: Wrote my blog first and then remembered about you not vice versa ;)

Corinne Rodrigues said... husband's a ManU fan so I can't be on your side! Good luck nevertheless!

Kadambari said...

Football! I'm sorry! I have no opinion!!

harishkrishnan said...

I'm a big fan of liverpool as well! It reminded me of the match and I just downloaded it again :)

Jeremy James said...

Unfortunately for you, the job could not be done. I am a United fan so you will find no sympathy from me. It's bad enough having to listen to my liverpool supporter friends already!

Go Man United. We need a win tonight.

Scriber's Web said...

Oye.... I misunderstood your post completely. Sorry. I glaze over sports stuff:)

Tangerine said...

u know how much i 'love' football.... hence no comment ;)

Sauron said...

@Nikita...hope you're still killing cognitive :P

@Shreyans... :)

@Phoenix... :|

@Deedz... replied on you blog.

@Corinne... thanks! :D

@Kaddu... :P

@harish...You'll never walk alone

@Jeremy... hehe...I'm glad you guys lost in the FA Cup. *evil grin*

@Scriber... lol

@Tang... that comment was an interesting 'no comment' :D