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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Thoroughly Enjoyable Lightness of Being

Apologies, Mr. Kundera, for twisting around your story's title into something that you may not even remotely recognize. (Although, there should really be no problem if you can't even remotely recognize it. :D )

Whatever! No title fits better, so I decided to take a bit of prosaic license (to kill) with your title.

Thankfully, good days at work are becoming the norm. While working yesterday, I was a bit scared of barking up the wrong tree, and going rather off-track, but in today's meeting, my thought process was praised, and said to be in sync with the vision of one of the leaders. Yeah, pretty impressive, I know! But I ain't gloating! (yet!)

What made my day yesterday was one of my friends/juniors making it to XLRI, after a long wait on the dreaded waitlist. This chap was a bit down-in-the-dumps till the 'Agony Uncle' act by yours truly. (I ain't gloating even now! So, wipe that forbidding expression off your face! Please.... )

Today, the day's been made by a very special blogger friend - Corinne, whose Everyday Gyaan keeps me rejuvenated. You see, I've been nominated for the 'blogger friendship award'. :D

(Yes, you can frown now, for I AM gloating now. HMPH!)

I would like to thank the autorickshaw drivers in Bangalore, the (expensive) laundry service, the (unpalatable) food, my awesome colleagues, Microsoft (my 'employer'), Google (for creating, Hathway (the ISP), Dell (my laptop maker), my cat*, the spiders in my room, and my dear readers, of course, for making my blog more active and readable.

In addition, I'd further like to nominate the following people for this prestigious award: *drumroll*

Scriber - for being so creative and awesome!

Kaddu - for her pragmatism laced with that touch of irony/sarcasm.

Nikita - for the oh-so-brilliant humour, and for allowing Abk, Nik and me to run riot on her blog. :D

Choco - for being so unique, so tongue-in-cheek, and so hilarious!

Shreyans - for taking such thoughtful perspectives each time.

Tangerine - for being one of my first friends here in Bloggersville.

Ishu - for making it to this list despite using a word that I have an aversion to - 'jogging'. :|

Harshad - for being a fellow sufferer at the hands of profs (and encouraging me to try couchsurfing. :P )

Aquarius - for belonging to the "As the Aquarian thinks, so shall the world... in fifty years." clan.

Deepti - for being her adorable self.

Div(y)a - for some brilliant and creative writing.

Sindhu - the name says it all! Hakuna Matata - no worries! :)


Yes, that's a long list. But then, these folks are worthy! Also, the list is not numbered, because the names are in random order, not ranked, ok?

Thank you everyone, for sharing snippets of your thoughts on your blogs. :)

P.S. I think I have some kind of psychological disorder. Songs get stuck in my head, and keep on playing in an endless loop. Since yesterday, the needle is stuck on 'Can't help falling in love with you' by Elvis.

Edit: I forgot to credit Mr. Kundera. Thanks!!


Me said...

That was a wonderful blog by Corrine and hey drum rolls for Sumi..ur on roll!!!YAY!!!
Danke ^~^..
Psychological the songs that you detest get stuck on your mind too?
Nice song though!!!

Kadambari said...

Thanks a ton.. Sumit! :D

Anonymous said...

Ooohhh. Thankyou!

I accept this award with a merry heart & hereby vow to pass it on with full prejudice and much pondering.... :)


PS:Wasn't your name Sauron??? Or am I becoming forgetful???

floreta said...

congrats to everyone!

Nikita said...

aww....thanku thanku.
*wipes tears from her eyes*
*waves to the crowd*
*blows a fake kiss, taking care not to spoil lipstick*

if letting ppl run a riot gets me THIS, i absolutely invite every tom, dick n harry to my page. randomness fully allowed :D

party at my place. butter chicken or shahi paneer, depending on whether u eat non veg. the drinks are on u though :P

Shreyans Mehta said...

Dhanyavaad :)

Mood accha kar diya aapne... I am glad I made the list...

Ofcourse I would like to thank my mom, dad, bro, frnz, teachers, students, dog, cat, TV..... jinke bina ye possible nahi tha :D

But on a serious note, heres a thanking smile full of gratitude :)

Scriber's Web said...

Awww.... Thanks Sumit! I am so glad that we found each other's blogs.

Congrats to you on winning the award too!

Aquarius said...

hey suMIT...I completely missed this post...awww am so sorry. Thanks a ton dude. That was so sweet of you :) Aquarians and the absentmindedness u being one can understand :D