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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Great Deluge…

The professors at XLRI seem to be inspired by the great flood. Like the gods angry with humanity for its sins sent the great flood as punishment, the professors here seem to have decided to do the same to us poor, hapless students.


Sadly enough, I don’t have a clue about how to handle this situation. After all, I’m not Noah. So, no Noah, no ark.


Overall, a summarization of the last few days goes like this:


a) Had a viva on ‘training and development’ – messed it up totally! Out of the 6-7 questions I was asked, I could not answer even one. (I was underprepared.)


b) I am perpetually short of sleep. There is no teacher who has not had to wake me up in class. (YAWN)


c) I’m perpetually irritable too. In fact, anyone who has been looking at my facebook/gtalk status messages would know. (They range from “…”, “bored”, “frustrated” to “AAARGHHHHH”. Sometimes, in an intellectual frame of mind, I even go as far as “Who is John Galt?”)


d) I think I’m frustrated with the way things are. There are some milestones I want to reach soon, and I see myself nowhere close. In fact, I’m not even on the right road, I guess.


e) I’m probably turning into an individualist from being a strong team player. I don’t like that, but people have left me with no choice.


f) The world is selfish. There are people who pretend to be your bosom buddies, just because they need something from you. After they are done, they treat you worse than a used piece of toilet paper.


Kindly pardon me for ranting and venting some frustration here. However, I think I talk more to my blog than to real people these days.


random_thought_generator said...

Get a life my friend....
I am amazed at seeing you in such a state... come out of your room and visit other rooms in the hostel and yes you may try not lurking around the corner in the facebook and come out in the real world.

Choco said...

Ohhh..Good you got it outta your system..Its out of your system now..right?
& don't worry..It takes all kinds & every cloud has a silver lining :)

Nikita said...

there's a professor i really like and here's what i've learnt from him in the past year- there is something valuable in the chaos. endure it. :)

it may not help, but i really do vouch for what he says :)

A journey called Life said...

happens sometimes.. but then its all part of a learning experience (please dont preceive this as gyan talk) so just hang in there.. things will get better soon..

Saurabh said...

Try these-

1- Get a half-headed GF, u'll hv a whole new range of problems due to her n wud temporarily forget ur present problems.

2- Go out n tell ppl around u that they suck. Not a good HR strategy, but helps 4 sure in reducing stress.

3- Flush ur Ayn Rand books, that helps amazingly !

Sumit said...

@Sid... I'm trying to get a life, man but it's proving pretty elusive so far.

@Choco... It's still stuck in my system ,but I'm trying to get it out... :)

@Nikita... that's a nice message. I can live with that. Thanks!

@Aparna... thanks! I'm much less 'existential' today.

@Saurabh...LOL! ROTFL!!

1) That could be a problem! Where do I get a half-headed girl from? Any leads? :P

2) Awesome idea! I'll start implementing it right away!

3) They're good to keep around. I've already read them, so won't read again. Fair deal? :P

Roshmi Sinha said...

Hmmmm... as far as point # (f) is concerned... you'll find this very prevalent in the corporate world. So, you are just 'in training' now ;)

I'm waiting to read your piece on Lord Krishna, though...

Kaddu said...

Lack of enough sleep tends to make me feel like the whole world is against me. Everything seems wrong. Everything seems to lead to frustration. I hope you get some real sleep soon...

And this line in your post... "I talk more to my blog than to real people these days."...
:D I can so relate to it too! :p