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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Surge ahead, democracy!

Yet again, the writer of this blog has resorted to a misleading title. Yet again, you will probably stop reading soon or curse him or both!

The scene is that has launched a ‘World’s Best Presentation’ contest. And yours truly, being reasonably adept at making presentations has decided to participate. Of course, in the hope that his friends and family will go all out to enlist support for him.

The contest is scheduled to run for another 15 days, and the leading presentation so far has 111 votes. My target is to get at least 200 votes, and lay my filthy paws on a shiny, new Mac.

Hence, I’m counting on you, dear reader to back me up and vote for me. Please visit and do the needful.

I assure you of a grand treat, in the event of my winning any of the listed prizes.

P.S. I don’t know if I should be advertising myself so blatantly, but what the heck! :)


Scriber's Web said...

Is this a direct link to your presentation? I don't want to accidentally vote for someone else.

The presentation I saw is awesome! I want a copy! I manage people and would love to show it to them:)

Sumit said...

Yes Scriber, that's a direct link. We have a course on Managerial Counseling, and I prepared a presentation on 'Games People Play' for my class.

I'll email you a copy. Would you want it in .pptx format or .pdf? :)

Scriber's Web said...

pptx would be great! Obviously I'll give you credit when I use it. It is really good! BTW... I do't have your email ID. So it would be great if you could email me:)

Sumit said...

I don't have yours either. :P But, mine is

Scriber's Web said...

Yes but mine is on my profile. Yours isn't:) At least I could not find anyway of contacting you. I'll send you an email shortly:)

Choco said...

I did...surge ahead that is...And even voted for link I hope...But I couldn't view it! My screen just froze for some reason... :|

Nikita said...

nice nice presentation...TA in a capsule, and as a psych student, can vouch for it not lacking anywhere :)
oh...btw i voted :P
all the best!

shailendra said...

superb presentation !!!