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Friday, August 28, 2009

W.I.P. in Peace

Yes, the exams are still going on and our institute has not been flattened by an Iranian nuclear strike. The reason I’m back here is because I opened my blog yesterday, and didn’t like what I saw. All the images had been replaced with a photobucket message saying ‘bandwidth exceeded’. Consequently, I had to duck in here, and make a temporary fix at least.


So, here I am. Ostensibly not with the best of templates, but at least it works. Personally, I prefer something simpler and less jarring to the eyes. But, I’d love to have your opinions on this.


Kindly pour in your thoughts, and I shall make the necessary fixes once exams are over.


P.S. I think my comment about 3 months was misinterpreted. I don’t intend to disappear for 3 months. What I meant was that I’ll fight these exams and drive them away for 3 months, meaning after that, they will be back – more evil and more strong.


P.P.S. If you haven’t voted so far, kindly do so. I’m leading the contest, but just barely!! :)


Anonymous said...

Well, I think this template is perfect for the write-up you have in mind. :)

BTW, I hate it too when the bandwidth exceeds. It sort of makes you block/re-do everything you did.

Anonymous said...

Hey this template is not that bad..Green and fresh..I had seen that photobucket fiasco..Didn't have time to comment on it then...
But who's the dude on the top right? :D

Aarbee said...

Everything except the not-so-pretty man on top looks good.
Green is good.

Kaddu said...

Ain waiyeen sa hai ye template. You'll need to put your coding skills to use.

1. Whose pic is it at the top left?
2. There is some text on the top of your page, which is not visible against the background color.
3. The header doesn't link to your main Blog Homepage.
4. The "Follower" section in the sidebar displays your blogger profile currently.

Baki achcha hai.
1. The photostream at the bottom looks good.
2. Comments display is ekdam jhakas. Find its code from your template and mail it to me na... I want to play with mine too! :D

And yeah, you need to add a perma-link to your mini-novel in the sidebar.

Bas itna karo... baki baad mein batati hoon! :D ;) :p

Nandita Mathews said...

dont like it.

Corinne Rodrigues said...

:( no likie thisie templatie........

Sumit said...

@Anamika... I prefer simplistic templates, and that one was a bit too garish. Still in progress though... :(

@Choco... too bright for my taste... so I'm still working... haven't had a chance to pick an awesome template so far... btw, that dude was probably the creator of the original template...

@Aarbee... I thought the template was too green :(

@Kaddu... yeah, that was a temp fix so is this one...)

@Nandita... agreed! :)

@Corinne... me likies neither... still working.. :)

Any suggestions for a nice, insane template, people?

workhard said...

Hi.. this template is not bad at all.. its kinda easy on the eye..

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