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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Clash of the Titans

Two of the biggies of English football clash today, with the winner of the match having a decent chance of winning the League Title in May.


It’s Liverpool versus Manchester United!!


Sadly enough, I have a class at 6 pm and the match begins at 6.15 pm. Hence, considering the priorities, I shall probably have to bunk it. But, the gears in the mind are still turning, and any efforts to push them in the right direction will be appreciated…


Time to hit the gym now… so, further details about some guardian angels will be provided later…


Come on, Liverpool!! Come on, Gerrard!! Come on, Torres!!



Tangerine said...

Men and Football!

tell me y u support liverpool and not man u?
both r english? how did u choose?

Sauron said...

Tang... that's a long story... :)

I detest Man Utd! Not even in my wildest dreams would I support Man Utd.