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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Earth Hour

I wanted to be a part of the Earth Hour yesterday. But, I had to attend dinner at a VIP’s house, where more lights than necessary were switched on. So, I could not participate.


However, I’ve resolved to do my part by ensuring that each day is Earth day, and each hour is Earth hour, by switching off all unnecessary electrical appliances around me.


I think if all of us resolve to do so, we would surely conserve huge amounts of power, and do a little bit towards the environment.


What say?


BrownPhantom said...

I did particitpate, unwittingly thoug. Was sleeping at that time; had a long friday night :).

But yes, consciuos attepmts are needed to conserve power and water too. I've seen so many people having leakeges taps and doing nothing about it. Each drop of water creates a painful sound.

Nikita said...

i was put to shame by my dadi last night. i'd conveniently forgotten all about it and it was she who called up and told my mom to switch off the unnecessary lights. gee, there's a reason she has grey hair!! :)

Tangerine said...

i participated too.... at least i genuinely planned to and the electricity board helped my endevors by enforcing a loadsheding in our area for two hrs!

Abk said...

yep, NDPL and BSES both sort of "enforced" that in some areas..

But yeah, definitely some food for thought.. rather than participating in such a thing just because everyone else is doing it doesnt make sense, and doesnt help the purpose.. there aint much energy that we'd have saved as a direct consequence of it. However, the realization that it brought about the whole issue is definitely gonna help. So, its more important to realise and practice it than participating in a media popularised event. :)

Corinne Rodrigues said...

Hey Sauron - thanks for stopping by - it's becoming a habit ;)

Yesterday, after having put out a post last week, I forgot about Earth Hour. Then my Mom called to report what my aunts (motivated by my post!) were going to be doing...just in time! Rushed through getting dinner ready and hubby and I had a candlelit dinner - not so romantic when you're not prepared!!
You take care...and keep in touch

Sauron said...

@Phantom... I agree! And what's worse is - people not spending that extra fraction of energy to fully close a tap.

@Nikita... kudos to your dadi. :)

@Tang... god bless you (and the Electricity Board) :P

@Abhishek... I guess as long as we become more conscious of how much energy we can save in just one hour - we'll do well. Right?

@Corinne... I've begun to relish my dose of EG. And I don't think things could be better than having a candle-lit dinner with someone special, and helping the planet too! :)

Hemal Shah said...

Because of upcoming elections, they stopped load shedding altogether which otherwise was 8 hours of loadshedding everyday.

Till the time we get electricity full time, I am not going to follow Earth Hour.

And that should be followed by the ever polluting and so called Developed Countries.

Carol said...

I have a hard time just taking a moment in time to do something and not take the rest of my life to learn to be better. I have been doing my part with some success but feel better everyday that I am trying. So don't feel bad because often those who do the one hour often don't look farther than that one hour. We need to see it everywhere we tread.

Choco said...

Hi Sauron

Appreciate your comments on my blog.

I was en route during the Earth hour and could not participate:(

But yes right now the lights are switched off in my room. And instead of screaming at everyone to switch off stuff, I have started trudging around and doing it myself. You are right. If we are prudent we would not need such Earth hours to save us!

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