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Sunday, March 22, 2009

‘Withering’ Heights…

I planted roses in the desert,
but the sands lay grey and still.
I watched them fade away, helpless,
dying away against my will.


Tangerine said...


Abk said...

foolish hopes.. vain expectations?

miracles don't happen otherwise.

Sauron said...

@Tang :)

@Abk... totally agree! Thanks! :)

Me said...

...then came a gardener
with water,goop & spade,
over the withering roots,
he then neatly laid.

They called him a dreamer..
foolishly wishing away..
how could he restore..
n fight the lost fray

the days were harsh
& the nights forlorn
but he had a vision,
with life he'd sworn

in the roses he felt
the hope dying away..
with every single petal
striving to see the day..

in their crumpled state,
he found a reason,
awaiting the elixir..
beyond the lengths of season.

the sun had risen..
and the day begun,
when he saw the sight
he knew, he'd won.

Abk said...

@ above -

*gapes in awe*


@ Sauron - u're welcome mate! luking forward to more :)

Nikita said...

i belong the breed who would plant a rose in the sand and expect it to grow in its full glory only because i'm watering it, refusing to acknowledge the history of the desert which never once saw a flower bloom. yet, i'd neday prefer being the foolish gardener who has sumthin to believe in. it keeps me alive.

love the lines! beautifully said :)

Sauron said...

@Dee... nice one... :)

@Abhishek... will surely try to write more often...

@Nikita... I agree! I'd rather dream of growing roses in a desert than sit and watch the sand and get myself bothered.

Scriber's Web said...

Lovely poems!

Sauron said...

Thank you, Scriber! :)

Aquarius said...

Lovely....and sad

Sauron said...

Thanks (fellow) Aquarian. :P