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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Long Ago…


Long ago, somewhere far away,

beneath the sky, a kindly blue,

we walked together, hand-in-hand,

dreaming away, just me and you.


Long ago, somewhere far away,

on days painted in lovely hue,

we spent evenings coated in bliss,

relishing the taste of love that was true.


Long ago, somewhere far away,

there’s a place, now vanished from view,

where the pieces of broken hearts lie,

some belong to me, some belong to you.


.... said...

seems to be a poem on lost love. reading it, i almost wished if i'd fallen in love, then lost or let go off it and later scribbled sm poems while missing him, but darn, having nt fallen in love itself is a subject to write upon may be.

on a serious note, read it, envisaged it, ending was sad but v v poetic too. hope is a good thing, perhaps the best thing in this world, remember? God bless your soul. try writing abt nature (mountains, sky, flowers) may be you can write nice poetry.goodluck.

Dhiraj Kukreja said...

nice bit of poetry ... vivid imagination ... anyone who has ever been in love AND been hurt can easily comprehend what u're trying to convey ...

neway, keep up the gud work. have blog-rolled u coz ur blog / thoughts seems to have a lot in common with mine :)


Me said...
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Me said...

What I liked in here it's the rhythmic beat I see beating in synchrony, as a cause & effect in the poem..those shreds of broken glasses reverberating in the same vein..though apart..still in tandem..

Nikita said...

Long ago, seeing those broken pieces
I vowed never to love, not to let myself fall
But the heart still yearns, and hope is alive
I can't escape. It's love, after all!

hehe ;)

Sauron said...

@ ... Thank you! I'll try the 'Wordsworth-ian' kind of poetry - nature et al. Btw, one can't seem to access your blogs. Are they private?

@Dhiraj... thanks man! I went through your blog, and yeah, we do have stuff in common. :)

@Dee... thank you! You're too kind!

@Nikita... that's well put, really! And it's something I believe too.

Aquarius said...

lovely :)

Pushkar said...

Nice to read something meaningful! I have bookmarked your blog! Expect a flood of comments :)

By the way, amongst all these posts - I really hope to see a poem that showcases a successful side of your love life.

Abhishek Chopra said...

Is love a mirage?

Superb poem! The last four lines hide the pain as much as they show it.


Sumit said...

@Pushkar... thanks! I'm fully braced for a flood of comments. Keep them coming!

@Abhishek... No, I don't think love is a mirage. I think it's fully real, just that sometimes one tends to lose a bit of faith. :)

Rohini Prasanth said...

Lovely poem.. lovely pic. poignant words.
I totally agree with 'Me' above. there is a smooth symphony in the words.. making us think ..

Sumit said...

Thanks a lot, Rohini :)