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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The wish list!

At this unearthly hour, I’m banging my head in frustration because I’m trying to design a website, and facing roadblocks. The biggest roadblock is … I don’t know website designing. :|


So, I decided to give up on designing for a while, and think about other such things that are on my wishlist. Skills I wish I had…


a) Singing – If I begin to sing, anyone with even the faintest notions of harming me will run for his/her life. So, I can sing to save my life. Though, it would’ve helped my cause better, if I could sing better.


b) Dancing – Yes, we’re broaching a very touchy topic now. With a track record of maiming several dance partner, and causing them grievous injuries, I’m a dangerous chap to dance with. On the positive side, I can only improve.


c) Writing – Hmmm, getting a bit on the ‘artistic’ side, eh? I shall consider myself a writer of note, the day I can regale people with humour of the quality of P.G. Wodehouse, or entertain them with poetry that has a lyrical quality like that of Alfred Noyes. Though, I guess I can write better than many ‘wannabes’.


d) Sketching – Now, this one will probably take multiple lifetimes to learn. It would be an understatement to say that I’m horrible at it. It’s not like I want to develop into a Picasso or a Rembrandt, but just that I’d like to be able to express myself visually. Anyway, no further discussions on this one.


e) Web designing – This is what started this post! And it is just reminding me that I’ve not made any progress on that front. I think I shall get going. Thankfully, you will not have to ‘evaluate’ most of the above skills (or the lack of them) for me. But, if and when I manage this last item, I shall certainly expect you to.


Aarbee said...

Imagine being one who does not have any of these skills either and CANNOT draw to save her life.... and taking a paper in visual communication worth 2 credits. Life can be a bitch with these things. :|

About your singing and dancing skills... you've managed to be pretty discreet about them. So I won't comment. :)

Sauron said...

Aarbee, I get the picture... and as far as being discreet goes, I'll just say, "Discretion is the better part of valour."

Tangerine said...

evaluation of my capailities:
singing: no sense of tune and i never even remember the lyrics!
dancing: inspite of nin years of classes i still have two left feet!!!
writing: er...
sketching: two years of classes didnt help bt m good at Engg Drawing!
web designing: this one i m learning but given my history with classes dnt think that will help!

Sauron said...

Tangerine, most of your post was pretty encouraging, except for the Engg. Drawing bit.

You see, I sucked at that too!!

janus said...

website design?!!is someone gonna move up to a self-hosted blog now?!!

ohh,and kaushal and hariharan would be good guys to talk to about this,wont they? :)

Sauron said...

Yes Janus, both of them will be bombarded with queries very soon, as soon as I learn a little bit of the basics... :)