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Tuesday, March 24, 2009



                                                                  No shattering sounds,

                                                                  no fragments to see.

No answered prayers,

just an unheeded plea.


A heart, broken,

yearning for your touch.

Wishing for your smile,

loving you too much.


No tears shed,

no cries heard.

Heavy oppressive silence,

not a spoken word.


A heart lies broken,

haunted by its past.

Battered by its present,

bitter to its last.


Kadambari said...

You have made even the silence so poetic. Very beautiful.

Sauron said...

Thanks! Btw, I'm tempted to call you by your nickname... unless you can suggest another shorter name... :P

Abk said...

lemme guess, will u sumit?
lol! keeping the joke aside,

here this one u've come up with is really nice, infact nicer, i'd say..

its not for nothing that they say that one's silence can be louder than their words.. :)

Dazediva said...

Very well written; silence perfectly described :)

Kadambari said...

Sure!! Most of the people I know call me Kaddu anyway! (even though I hardly look like one! I look more like bhindi!)

Sauron said...

Abhishek...thanks! Btw, what's the result? XLRI?

Diva... thank you :)

Kaddu/Bhindi...both names sound funny... :P

Abk said...

well, sumit, i dint make it.. WL 89.. stand no chance :)

I hope may be something better is in store, or may be its not the right time for me.. :)

Sauron said...

Abhishek.. don't worry...
a) there's a chance.. a slim one, but still a chance...
b) remember YNWA? :)

Abk said...

well, yeah..
Walk on, walk on, with hope in your heart
And you'll never walk alone
You'll never walk alone :) :)

Though i doubt about that chance thing, but, its never too bad to be an optimist, isn't it? wish i cud do something about it.. :)

Sauron said...

Absolutely!! Two weeks ago, how many people would have given us a chance for the Premier League title? Aur ab dekho... :)

All the best!

P.S. Nikhil ka kya hua?

Abk said...

He converted it I think :)

PS: Not that m a big liverpool fan, but i like the spirit of this club :)
I am more of a anti ManU guy >:D

Sauron said...

Cool! If he did, congratulate him on my behalf please... :)

And being Anti-Man U is good enough to be on my side... :P

P.S. we are now 'chatting' here.. :|

maru said...

Hi Sumit Bhai...Very nice one...Seems to have straight from the heart :P (btw i am maruvit from pg)

Nikita said...

I have been ooh-ing and aah-ing for the last 10 minutes, wondering what to say. i think i'll juz appreciate in silence for now! :P

i really do love it :)

PS: not that i intend to 'chat' here, but YES HE DID!! m chooo happy for him. oh n we also had HCF day before ;)

Sauron said...

@Maru... thanks! :D

@Nikita... thanks!! :)

Please congratulate him on my behalf (and congratulate yourself also, for helping him with the flowery language et al)

*ignores the comment about HCF*

Nikita said...

neah, the credit is all his. i only like to tease n boast. :)

NikhiL said...

Its not just silence is it.. its actually loneliness after experiencing otherwise.. knowing what you've lost n then the silence.. nice work!

NikhiL said...

@souron.. Congratulate me yourself! guess we'll be meeting on the campus now!
n hey the HCF was pretty good.. but i dont mind ccd either :P

P.S. Liverpool doin too good actually.. saw gerrard?!, n am jus anti-blue so go reds go!!

@abk.. list was till what 60 last time.. n this time increase of 60 seats in pmir so some intershifting increase??.. umeed pe to duniya kayam hai ;)

@nikita.. you're too modest :P

Sauron said...

Nikhil, congrats! And yes, you're bang on target about the thoughts behind this one. As long as you're anti-Man U or anti-Chelsea, I shall count you on my side. :P

See you on campus!

@Abk... don't worry, man! I expect much bigger WL shifts this time. :)

Dreaming Eyes said...

nice poem......vry beautifully said..keep expressing..enjoy life..take care..